Popping is a simple and charming girl who lives on the pristine hills of Iceland. She is ingenuous and imaginative - a dreamer who longs to reach beyond the boundaries of her everyday life. Popping is a flower girl; she grows and nurtures different types and colours of Poppy plants on the splendid hills of Iceland.

Poppy flowers and seeds are intoxicating in their beauty and creativity. Popping frequently spreads the petals of the Iceland Poppies around the hills; the rich and stimulating aura of the flowers mixing with the freshness of the air around. The fragrance of the Iceland poppies fill the air with art, imagination and euphoria.

The ecstasy gradually spreads through the hills to the planes and the cities beyond.

This spirit and ecstasy inspires and intoxicates every one to transcend their limitations and reach for the stars.
Iceland Poppies focus on children\'s illustration, graphic novels and 2d/experimental animation.

The main purpose of the site is to cultivate and nurture imagination and creativity through the powers of storytelling. All the artwork and illustrations featured in Iceland poppies actually represent a story that is bound to appeal to the creative artist in us.